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Decoding organic cosmetics

Hello! I have recently decided that all cosmetics that I will buy from now on will be natural and will not be tested on animals and where possible they will be certified organic cosmetics.   There is not many chemists stocking natural cosmetics in my area and even if they do the selection is very poor. My best bet to find myself a good organic cosmetic gem is shopping online. If I am not familiar with a brand I found online I usually check if they have organic certs or  are there any reviews written on their products.

Most popular organic certificates

In order to give consumers some assurance, five leading European certification bodies:

have combined and created the COSMOS standard.

COSMOS recognises two types of certified-organic beauty products:

  • over 95% organic – a product can be called “organic” in the actual product name  if 95%  of all ingredients excluding water are organic
  • 70% – 95% organic – if at least 70% of ingredients (excluding water) are organic, then a product can be certified organic but cannot use the word “organic” in the product name. Certified organic product must state in the product description the percentage of organic ingredients.
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