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Lush Cup O' Coffee Exfoliating face and body mask Review

[vc_row][vc_column][sm_custom_heading heading_tag=”h4″]Product Description[/sm_custom_heading][sm_column_text]Wakes up tired complexions
If you’re a sucker for the strong, dark, stimulating type, this coffee-filled mask is just the thing to kick-start your day. Wake up and invigorate the skin and mind with the rich, intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed coffee and sweet roasted cocoa extract. Kaolin deeply cleanses impurities from the pores and ground coffee acts as a gentle scrub to buff away dryness and reveal the glowing skin beneath. Smooth this one all over your body to feel soft, clean and wonderfully fragrant.[/sm_column_text][sm_custom_heading heading_tag=”h4″]Use it this way[/sm_custom_heading][sm_column_text]Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Leave on for five to ten minutes, then gently scrub off with warm water.[/sm_column_text][sm_custom_heading heading_tag=”h4″]Ingredients[/sm_custom_heading][sm_column_text]Organic Agave Syrup Kaolin Glycerine Coffee Infusion Talc Ground Coffee Bentone gel Perfume Vetivert Oil Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute Roasted Cocoa Extract Coriander Oil Caffeine Powder *Coumarin *Limonene *Linalool[/sm_column_text][sm_custom_heading heading_tag=”h4″]Pros[/sm_custom_heading][sm_column_text]

  • great face and body mask and scrub in one
  • skin is very soft after using it
  • hand made
  • smells amazing
  • minimises pores, temporarily but i love it 🙂
  • brigtening effect
  • paraben free
  • softens skin
  • vegan
  • not tested on animals
  • unrefined ingredients
  • no synthetic fragrance

[/sm_column_text][sm_custom_heading heading_tag=”h4″]Cons[/sm_custom_heading][sm_column_text]

  • strong smell, i like it but it might bother some people
  • cant’t buy it in my local shop in Kerry
  • short use by date, I have 3 weeks to use a large pot
  • very coarse, again it does not bother me, but people with sensitive skin have to watch out
  • takes a while to wash it off

[/sm_column_text][sm_custom_heading heading_tag=”h4″]Summary[/sm_custom_heading][sm_column_text]I cannot get enough of this face and body mask.

Let me start off by saying that this is very coarse. If your skin is really sensitive or doesn’t take well to scrubs, don’t use this one. The coffee grounds are relatively heavy, and that isn’t for everyone. You can scrub gently, but I would recommend using a lighter scrub.

But this one is perfect for me! The smell is out of this world. It’s just like a pot of coffee. It has got that nice, bitter scent of freshly brewed coffee  that wakes me up. The consistency is also really nice. It’s pretty thick but it spreads onto the face easily as long as you are putting a thick layer. When I put it on, I get my skin a little damp before I start working it in. I find that it helps the mask spread more evenly.

I love this mask. I don’t use it daily, as that would be a little intense. Cup O’ Coffee gets rid of the grime and leaves me with soft, heavenly scented skin.

This is my first first ever mask I got from Lush. I asked the kind staff what will you recommend for fatigued skin and as well as brightening face mask she told me to try this out and I am not disappointed at all!! Amazing amazing face mask really lovely. I use this every other day for a pick me up kinda mask and it just works for my skin and I am happy about it! Will definitely repurchase it! Also loving the extended expire date![/sm_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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