There are a lot of people who want to visit the casino and try their luck, but not everyone knows how to behave and what rules to follow. At a minimum, you can inconvenience the players present, and at the maximum, you will be asked to leave the premises.

Do you really want such troubles?

Etiquette exists everywhere, but depending on the establishments and the people who visit them, there are some peculiarities. In places where a large number of people congregate, there is always a possibility of conflict , so it is important to take into account the norms of behavior in order to avoid trouble. We bring to your attention the most basic rules of etiquette in a casino, so that you can relax and enjoy the process of the game, and not from the showdown.

How should you behave in a casino?

1. Occupy only one slot machine while playing . Some casino visitors sincerely believe that the more machines they occupy at the same time, the higher their chance of winning. This is not the case, because you are just saving your time, but playing on multiple slot machines does not affect your luck in any way. By trying to occupy several machines, you interfere with the play of others, creating discomfort and inconvenience. So you show your selfishness and prevent other players from relaxing and enjoying the casino. This is ugly, and the likelihood of causing a conflict is very high. Do you really need this? If not, then just forget about the desire to play at the same time on more than one slot machine. Place your bets consistently and deliberately, borrow only one machine, and then move on to another. If you leave the machine you are sitting at, leave some of your belongings so that other players understand that it is busy.

Six Essential Etiquette Rules You Must Follow In The Casino - News

2. If you smoke, do it in designated areas . Some casino visitors forget that they are not the only ones looking to relax and enjoy the game. There are separate rooms or places for smokers, so do not smoke where it is prohibited. Someone does not like cigarette smoke, and someone even disgusts it, so you should consider this nuance before taking a puff. Smoke can cause discontent among many, so ask the administration in advance where you can smoke. Of course, sometimes it’s too lazy to leave the playing table to enjoy cigarette smoke, but do not forget that this way you can cause discomfort to other players. Be sure to use an ashtray and keep it with you.

3. Give up the game when you feel tired . This applies to those who continue to place bets, feeling the desire to take a break from the game. The result is highly dependent on your actions and thoughts, so if you feel tired, take a break. Sometimes a few hours are enough to rest from gambling, and sometimes a couple of days. If you are tired or in a bad mood, you will not be able to think soberly and assess the situation. In the end, you will lose, and this is really dangerous for your budget. Even your mood affects the quality of the game, so do not forget about this before you place your next bet. It is better to come to the casino in a few days, when you are cheerful and in an excellent mood, then the probability of winning will be much greater.

4. Don’t give in to your emotions . It is no one’s fault that you made a wrong move or invested too much money in the game. This problem is exclusively yours, so you should not show your emotions. Some players break off and start shouting at opponents or dealers. In some situations, they will simply look askance at you, but in others they may even be removed from the game. Always remember that you have come to an institution where other people work and play, so always follow the rules of good form and do not be rude in any way.

5. Keep your distance . Some people think that in a casino all friends and everyone can communicate on an equal footing, but this is not at all the case. It is unlikely that anyone came here to make friends, most players want to place a bet and go home. You should not joke a lot or try to find an approach to a person, because this is not a club of interests, but a real war in which the strongest wins. If you came with friends, then communicate with them, but in no case impose on someone, do not give advice and do not forget that all people are different, so someone may misunderstand you.

6. Before you start playing, learn the rules well . This is necessary in order to be on a par with everyone and become a competitor, and not a person who causes pity and laughter. It is assumed that if you sit down at the gambling table, then you are well versed in the rules and know exactly what you want. Often, overconfident players find themselves in an absurd situation for them, trying to prove to others their luck, which supposedly does not depend on knowledge of the rules and professionalism.

Six Essential Etiquette Rules You Must Follow In The Casino - News

7. Don’t borrow money from other players . If you run out of money, then you must leave the casino until the next time. This is due to the fact that you will be perceived as someone who spent a pre-determined amount and stopped playing. It will be much worse for your reputation if you are perceived as a bankrupt who does not know how to play, but continues to believe in his ambitions. Just pull yourself together and stop playing, without explaining the details to anyone. Few people really care about your financial situation, so keep your concerns to yourself.

8. Forget about eating and drinking at the gambling table . In almost all elite casinos, it is forbidden to eat and drink while playing, especially if it is a gambling table. This is due to the desire of the administration to maintain the level of hygiene at the proper level and to prevent troubles with the equipment and furniture of the institution. During a break or after the game is over, you can go to the bar and have a glass of wine or a snack, but you should not do this during the game. Carefully follow the rules of a particular casino in order to avoid trouble and not provoke a conflict.