“Is it possible to win in sports betting?” – this question is of interest to the overwhelming majority of those who have recently started or just want to start playing in bookmakers. Some people ask search engines something like “How to get rich on bets” or “How to make money on bets”. This article contains a few answers and advice from people who are familiar with the game in bookmakers firsthand.

Betting Odds explained: How are football odds calculated

Let’s say right away: a beginner player should first of all understand the basic concepts, and only then be interested in “money” issues. Yes, it is possible to win in sports betting, but correct goals and correct knowledge are important. We strongly recommend starting right!

What is sports betting

Sports betting is an intellectual bet between a gambler and a bookmaker: the gambler makes his prediction for a sporting event and puts money on the fact that this prediction will be correct. If the bet is correct, he returns this money with a profit, if he loses, accordingly, he loses it.

For each bet, the bookmaker assigns a coefficient (quote) that estimates the likelihood of this event. In Russian bookmakers, European odds are used , which are displayed as a decimal fraction. If the bet turns out to be successful (the player’s forecast turned out to be correct), the bet amount is multiplied by the odds offered by the bookmaker – this is the amount of the payment due for a successful bet.

The size of the bet multiplied by its coefficient – this is the amount the bookmaker pays out to the player if his bet is won. Only the amount of profit is called a net win: the amount of the bet made is deducted from the amount of the payment.

Bookmaker quotes can change both under the influence of the number and size of bets made on this event, and because of a decrease / increase in its probability. Experienced players also call the coefficient the “price” of the proposed event: everyone can either choose a bet at the proposed price, or refuse if he considers it incorrect.

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  • How to register with a bookmaker

Can you win in sports betting?

Of course, you can win in sports betting. To be convinced of this, it is worth looking, for example, the rating of the Legalbet forecasters, which displays the success or failure of the forecasts of each expert and handicapper of our site over a long distance. Statistics are kept open, and therefore on the rating page it is clear that not everyone succeeds in making accurate sports predictions and choosing winning bets. Although all forecasters, without exception, are well versed in the kind of sport for which they make forecasts.

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A good knowledge of sports does not guarantee permanent wins. However, we note: nothing guarantees permanent wins. Nevertheless, the game can be successful. Subject to several main conditions.

Condition one: correct perception

Betting should be fun, and this is the main thing to learn for someone who reads all about sports betting for beginners. They can (and will) lose, and you need to be prepared for that.

Perception of bets as a game and as a hobby has several significant advantages at once:

  • this allows you not to lose your mind and not risk large sums (by the way, the mind is very necessary in this game);
  • it helps to develop forecasting skills, and not the skills of finding bookmaker mistakes (as opposed to being obsessed with monetary issues);
  • this gives what bets should give: more drive, more healthy excitement and more emotions when watching a match.

Condition two: control of the bankroll (game budget)

For a beginner, the advice will be simple: you can only bet the amount that you do not mind losing. Betting twice as much after a successful bet is a bad start. Trying to recoup after a loss is an even worse start. Experienced players know how our brain works: one win for a beginner (especially if it turns out to be large) can “outshine” many previous and subsequent losses. Purely psychologically. If you are serious about mastering the art (science?) Of sports betting, start keeping track of all your bets, as well as every win and every loss.

Condition three: work with information

The ability to work with information, correlate facts and get up-to-date data on time is the basis of the basics and most importantly when choosing a rate. It is not enough just to believe in the team you want to bet on: it is important to understand what form it is in right now, whether its motivation is enough to win, how optimal is the line-up announced for participation in the match, etc.

To make this condition easier for fans of betting on football or hockey: in the Betting Center section of Legalbet, you can always select the desired match from the list and get up-to-date information about it.

  • View the schedule of all upcoming matches

A beginner should also remember that the bookmaker always has a mathematical advantage in playing for money. Of course, there is a small percentage of players who evaluate events at a distance better than a bookmaker, but this is not at all about beginners: this can only come with experience, and even then not everyone. A beginner can count on luck at first, and use his knowledge of sports as an aid in making a conscious choice of betting options.

Sports betting training

Before placing a bet, understand the basic concepts and terms used by bookmakers. The bookmaker’s line consists not only of such simple positions as the victory of one of the teams, a draw or total over / under. There are also a huge number of other bets where various pitfalls for a beginner player can hide: if you do not delve into this and just experiment without the necessary knowledge, this can lead to bitter disappointment.

For example, bookmakers also offer customers different types of handicaps (Asian / European), which are calculated in different ways, and you need to know about this in advance. A trick can also be expected in bets on statistical indicators (statistics) in a match: different bookmakers can calculate such bets according to data from different sources, and for a beginner this does not always end favorably.
Coin Value Vs Bet Value

In order not to have to learn from your mistakes, we recommend that you set aside time for training, carefully study the betting rules and possible nuances that may arise when calculating the bet. The odds offered by the bookmaker are also important: it is very important for the player to avoid bets on overvalued outcomes, because such bets will be unprofitable in the distance. As a rule, favorites are overestimated, but this is not always the case. The understanding of the correctness of the assessment of the event will come only with experience, but you need to remember this from the first bet.

Betting school at Legalbet will help you to better understand the topic:

  • General information is the section that a beginner should read first.
  • Betting in Russia – features of Russian legislation and instructions for starting the game from each online bookmaker.
  • Sports – separate articles describing the main features of betting on various sports.
  • Types of bets – materials that will help you understand what exactly the bookmaker offers to bet, and how such a bet will be calculated.
  • You need to know this – a lot of application information for the player.
  • Strategies – materials about popular betting strategies, pros and cons of each.

Sports betting: how it works

Determine for yourself how much money you are ready to allocate per month for bets, and at first do not deviate from the target figure. Even if it seems to you that this is the stake of your whole life, you should not increase its size. Even if in the end the bet passes, do not regret that you could have bet more. In the process of learning to bet on sports, a person himself must come to the idea that the main thing in this matter is how the game develops over a distance. This understanding comes only with time.

Decide where to bet on sports . In betting, a lot depends on the odds and the choice of the event. Each bookmaker has its own offer, so you need to build on what sports, tournaments and types of bets you are interested in. Having decided on our direction, we also make the choice of a bookmaker. It is worth noting that the market is now so competitive that the bookmaker’s line is getting better and richer. Therefore, many people focus on the ratios and the size of the margin. For the same events in different offices, the difference can be several tenths, and at a distance this is of great importance.

  • Rating of bookmakers by odds
  • Rating of bookmakers by choice of bets

Most people start their “career” in betting by betting on their favorite team and athlete. And this is a huge mistake that plagues many experienced players throughout the entire period of the game. Indeed, in these rates, it is not analytics that prevail, but emotions, which is a noticeable problem in the game.

Emotions and bets for a professional player should never be on a par, all beginners should learn this truth as quickly as possible. This is not only about the negative, when the desire to recoup makes people bet on the 3rd League of Malta in curling, because there are no other events in the line at that time: it is much more important that, if you perceive your game too emotionally, you will be very upset from – for defeats and you will not notice the positive emotions that sports betting can bring if you play responsibly and with pleasure.

So, if you have already decided to try your hand at betting, we hope that our material will help you not to be disappointed in this choice. Good luck and new useful knowledge!